End The Forever War On Terror

I joined the United States Army before 9/11 and I served with honor for 20 years and did several deployments as a Finance Officer. I later returned to Afghanistan as a contractor to help with contract administration. Since I retired the US remains deployed all over the Middle East. We have burned trillions of dollars in the Middle East and don’t have much to show for it. 

We have lost thousands of our daughters and sons, fathers and mothers. Not to mention the graduations missed, the funerals, the divorces. We can turn it around though.

In Afghanistan we froze all of the country’s funds and as a result we are responsible for what is about to turn into a humanitarian crisis. The government cannot function, nor can it buy food for its growing number of refugees. There’s a simple solution to this. The Afghan account should be administered by the UN Food Program so that instead of creating a new generation of terrorists we establish rapport and goodwill between the Afghan people and the international community.

We need to be establishing local police forces, turning security operations over to closer military units, relying on the United Nations and reinvesting some of our massive military budget on infrastructure right here at home. 


P.S  I’d be remiss to close without mentioning that we left thousands of translators, security personnel, and people who had been working with the Allied Forces in Afghanistan. Earlier this year I took several weeks off from campaigning in order to reach whoever I could to ensure that we got as many of our Afghan friends out of Afghanistan as we could. 

Behzad, a translator I helped get out of Afghanistan, his wife Freshta, and daughter Aisha.