Medical, Dental, And Vision Care At No Out Of Pocket Cost

When I graduated College I joined the United States Military and served my country until I retired. Because of that I received some of the best healthcare in the world at incredibly low rates. My wife and children did too. When they needed any medical treatment it was as simple as making a phone call and setting an appointment. When I got hurt running a marathon I was only in pain from the ankle injury not in pain wondering what my ambulance bill was going to be. 

My wife has diabetes, her insulin is covered because of my retirement. My father is a double cancer survivor, he’s as focused on his premiums almost as much as he focuses on his recovery. My brother in law has a rare condition where if he didn’t volunteer to be a human guinea pig his treatment would cost him over 30k a month. That’s no way to have to live.

I have family members that have lost livelihoods because of medical debt, have had to sell property they were planning to give to their children after they passed and I know my story is not unique. 

Greedy Corporations continue to fight universal healthcare because it will cut into their record profits even though study after study after study says that some form of universal healthcare would save the country trillions and save tens of thousands of lives and save millions from poverty.

Please stand with me in fighting for a better America for all of us.