LGBTQ Defense

LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. I wish I didn’t have to elaborate on that but for the sake of clarity I will.

LGBTQ people are, by and large, hardworking Americans trying to build families and provide loving homes to children who otherwise might not have them, just like the rest of us. Their constitutional rights to privacy and free association need to be defended in the same breath and the same actions as I defend mine.

Right now in New York city a gay couple is suing the city because they can’t receive fertility services under their full coverage insurance plan. The reason isn’t that its too expensive, or they don’t deserve it, its because the policy wasn’t written with gay men in mind. Because of that they can’t start a family using the same services a heterosexual couple that couldn’t conceive would. 

A defense of their rights is a defense of the rest of my rights. If the legality of their choices can be attacked so can mine, in religion, in school, and in my private life. This country was founded on the belief that its citizens could achieve whatever life they could legally live, our LGBTQ compatriots might be denied that. As Americans we have an obligation to stand up for the rights of all citizens, as our forefathers stood up for us.