Common Sense Gun Control

A lot of people want to take everyone’s guns, I’m not one of them. I grew up on a farm and around farmers. We hunted, we shot at empty cans and sometimes had to scare wild animals away from the chickens or the pets. Realistically if someone in a community underserved by the police needs their help it takes them an average of over 5 minutes to get to the scene after shots are fired. 

Our Second Amendment was written with all the above in mind. It was also written with the idea that people must own and purchase guns responsibly. When someone buys a gun a background check has to be mandatory. We have to fund the Federal gun violence registry. We must support legislation that prevents domestic abusers from popping over to Ohio and buying a rifle while still making sure that the right to keep and bear arms is not infringed on law abiding citizens.

– Steve