The Issues

See Where Steve Stands

Medical, Dental, and Vision care for all Americans with no out of pocket costs.

Fight For True Equality

How much you make should not impact whether or not your children have a future. 

Protect the vote

Your right to vote is sacred in this country. Every eligible voter must be allowed to vote come hell or high water.

You cannot solve the homeless problem in America without solving our mental health crisis.

Background Checks for gun purchases are necessary.

Attack Climate Change

Every year the storms get worse, the fires get hotter. We must act to reverse this trend now.

Livable Wages

If you work full time you should be able to put food on the table and a roof over your head.

protect women's rights

Medical decisions between a woman and her doctor are, and must remain, private.

LGBTQ families have the same rights that any other American family has. 

Forever Wars and Occupations are anti American and immoral. 


Believe In Steve Holden As Your Congressman