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Steve Holden For Congress NY-24

Steve On The Issues


Medicare For All

For over 20 years, I received some of the best healthcare in the country. Why can’t everyone have that?


Attack Climate Change

NY has had some of the warmer summers on record. The West is on fire. The Midwest was hit with a record cold snap. Hurricanes are the deadliest yet. Time to act is now!

Fight For True Equality

Whether it is fixing the lead paint and pipes issue in the poorer areas of our cities, eliminating redlining, autonomy for our Indigenous Communities, or investing in infrastructure, we need to rethink our economy in the Lake District and across the country.

Raising the Minimum Wage and Eliminate Crushing Student Debt

As a father and stepfather of three college graduates, I know how crushing student loan debt is, and how the job prospects can be. We must raise the minimum to give folks a step up, and eliminate student debt to invest in our future!


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